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Leuven – The Hidden Capital - 27/01/17

In amongst the big hitters in Belgium’s Flanders region there is Bruges, Antwerp and the nation’s capital, Brussels sat on the doorstep. However, there is a hidden gem, full of the neo-gothic architecture so familiar to the region, a small city with a big identity. It is of course, Leuven. Capital of the Flanders Brabant [...]

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2017: A Look Ahead - 19/01/17

After what was deemed a miserable year by most, 2016 limped towards its conclusion – I hoped most of you celebrated the end of things with a nice beer – 2017 is now here. With things beginning anew its time to look ahead rather than lament the past and 2017 promises be a tremendous year [...]

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Five wondrous winter beers from around the world - 24/11/16

Its that time of year again. When the cold sets into your bones and you desperately attempt to warm you heart, belly and soul with a decent tipple and a hearty meal during those chilly nights. Well we reconvened our panels of experts – once again definitely, 100%, not some guy in Manchester who drank [...]

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