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Five Things…Beginners need to know about Belgian Beer - 22/09/16

 It just wouldn’t be right for us all here at Beer Junkets to send you to all these brilliant beer trips without cluing you in on what you need to know. We are now launching a blog called “Five Things” which will give you a few key (and fun) things to know before you head [...]

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Flanders Fields Remembered - 12/11/15

For all the beauty of Bruges and its beer, going out into the Flanders countryside brings home a shuddering reminded of how just a short time ago, the area was a theatre of death and destruction on a scale never seen before. Given the various anniversaries that are upon us over the next few years, [...]

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In Bruges - 02/11/15

Throughout my life I knew of Bruges (or Brugge) – if you asked me where it was I could instantly say it was in Belgium. That and its linked with the film In Bruges with Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and the exceptional Ralph Fiennes. The first thing I decided to do, after a pit stop in a [...]

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