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Five wondrous winter beers from around the world - 24/11/16

Its that time of year again. When the cold sets into your bones and you desperately attempt to warm you heart, belly and soul with a decent tipple and a hearty meal during those chilly nights. Well we reconvened our panels of experts – once again definitely, 100%, not some guy in Manchester who drank [...]

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Belgian Beer and Food: A Match Made in Heaven. - 17/11/16

As we’ve already highlighted in our blogs, beer is to Belgium what wine is to France. Its not simply a way to get mind-meltingly drunk and wake up with vomit down the arm of that nice jacket you’ve bought. It is a culture. One of flavour and craft. A good beer is made to be [...]

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Five Brilliant Beer Festivals - 10/11/16

Beer Festivals make the world go round. You know who said that? I did, just now, because it’s true. Beer is made to be enjoyed of course and there ain’t nothing wrong with being merry, especially in a biting cold early winter like this one. However, with the emergence of craft beer over the last [...]

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